#MySolution – Social Media Challenge to mark World Environment Day 2021

We are launching a global appeal to mark World Environment Day 2021: Stand up and fight for the preservation of our ecosystem. Show us how you protect the environment – no step is too small, and every action counts! And win great prizes.


In response to the rapidly increasing effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity, the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration will be declared on World Environment Day 2021. To mark the occasion, we are inviting our global community to inspire each other in your passion for and in your commitment to our planet. Join us in our grand deutschland.de Social Media Challenge!




Do you collect plastic waste in the countryside, make sure you eat sustainable and regional food or actively support species protection as part of a group? It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s your commitment that counts. Join in #MySolution, the deutschland.de social media challenge.

Accept our challenge and follow these steps and win great prizes:




  1. Post a Twitter or Instagram video (e.g. a reel) and/or a picture in your feed and tell us what you do to make the world more sustainable.
  2. Tag @deutschland_de (Instagram) or @ger_trends (Twitter) in your post to draw our attention to it. Use the hashtags #MySolution #GenerationRestoration
  3. Send a link to your post using the online form below to make it official!

Our jury will pick the ten most inspiring posts in two categories: “private individuals” and “initiatives and projects”. You can then take part in a final community vote to help decide the winner.


Category „Private Individuals“:

  • The main prize is a sustainable smartphone developed by SHIFTPHONES in Germany.
  • 3 climate packages (1 year CO2 compensation) from Plant-my-tree + additionally one sustainability surprise package each with attractive and helpful goodies from our campaign partners.

Category „Initiative / Project“:

  • 1000 € support for a sustainable project of the participating initiative or group.

But really you are the winners – and we all are, for it’s not the taking part that counts, but your commitment to the planet!

Facts & figures at a glance:

Submissions posted between 4 June and 25 June 2021 will be accepted. The community vote will be held from 07.07. – 18.07.2021.

You can only take part by filling in this online form:

Participant details:

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Your posts:
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The Social Media Challenge to mark World Environment Day 2021

The deutschland.de Social Media Challenge #MySolution calls upon changemakers around the world to present their inspiring solutions. It’s easy to take part. On you own or through your initiative, take action in at least one of the following areas:

  1. Restoration of forest ecosystems
  2. Eco-friendly urban ecosystems
  3. Waste reduction and recycling
  4. Protection of biodiversity
  5. Sustainable food supply

Show how you are tackling one of the greatest challenges facing our generation. No step is too small, and every action counts – as we can only make a difference if we work together!