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Recycling project is the winner of #youforG20


More than 220 initiatives applied. “Vicfold Recyclers” from Nigeria convinced the community – and the Jury.

The “Vicfold Recyclers” project in Nigeria has won the #youforG20 competition. The initiative champions recycling plastic waste. At the same time, it creates job opportunities. In the federal state of Kwara “Vicfold Recyclers” has established a network of deposit points and plastic collectors (above all unemployed women and young people) gather empty bottles and other waste products at the doorstep and in this way earn a little money. As a result, countless families have now managed to improve their incomes.

The concept won over the six-person jury consisting of representatives of the German Federal Foreign Office and the editorial desk of as well as the testimonials of the campaign. “Vicfold Recyclers” will receive financial support totalling 15,000 Euros to help move the project forward.

More than 220 initiatives from all over the world competed in the #youforG20 contest. The call was for projects that in a very emphatic manner tackled a social or economic issue, or a matter of environmental policy and help improve people’s living conditions. 


Usa la basura, Argentina & Germany

The objective is to create environmental awareness in the school community and to implement a responsible waste management system according to the 3R concept: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

Steps to Sustainable Future, Armenia

Nor Luyce provides girls from orphanages and families from low socioeconomic status with one-on-one mentoring relationship, career planning skills and scholarships to pursue a college degree.

WHYFARM, Trinidad and Tobago

We want to develop a new generation of food producers. We teach youths about food and nutrition security, creatively showing them how they can contribute to decreasing hunger and malnutrition.

Zerohunger, Morocco

Zerohunger is a service that takes left over food from restaurants hotels, cafés and catering services to sort it and give it to homeless people.


The general objective is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the appreciation for the environment through an ecological center

Green Summit, Bulgaria

Our main goal is to promote sustainability through fostering the initiatives of small communities of young people with nature friendly lifestyle.