Foreign investors increasingly choosing Germany

International business considers Germany one of the most attractive countries to invest in.

Germany (dpa/FSM) – A new study reveals that Germany as an economic hub is gaining ever greater favour among foreign investors. According to a study by the consultants at A.T. Kearney, businesspeople rate Germany as one of the most attractive countries to invest in. On a global comparison, Germany came second in 2017, and has thus leapfrogged China, so the study shows. In 2016 Germany came fourth in the rankings, and in 2013 was only seventh.

With the study, compiled ever since 1998, A.T. Kearney evaluates which countries companies find attractive for foreign direct investment. The data is based, so the study says, on regular surveys of directors and leading executives of 1,000 global players. Those polled state what countries are in their opinion most attractive for direct investments. The USA remains at the top of the rankings.

It is possible that Germany may emerge as one of the real winners from the Brexit vote, the study suggests. Germany’s rise is a team victory by the European Union, comments A.T. Kearney manager Martin Eisenhut. Germany’s leading position cannot, he continues, be explained only by its growing and stable economic power, its stable politics and transparent regulations. Germany, he says, undoubtedly benefits from being embedded in the world’s largest single market.

World-wide, so the study reveals, three quarters of companies plan to expand foreign direct investments over the next three years. This increase is occurring, it emphasizes, despite the greater geopolitical risks and the criticism of globalization.

Source: dpa/FSM, translation: FSM

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