The Hi-Fi Professionals from Berlin

The IFA in Berlin (31 August to 5 September, 2012) is about trends in electronics. The high-end manufacturer Burmester Audio Systems creates high-tech, craft classics.

What happens when a passionate musicians fails to find an amplifier that meets his high standards? He builds one himself – founds a company and lets others benefit from his engineering feats. That at least is what Dieter Burmester did: “I’ve been working for a long time with music – playing in bands, producing in my own studio”, says the German entrepreneur. “Since 1977 I’ve also been developing audio equipment for music listening.”

The owner of Burmester Audio Systems in Berlin wanted to create the perfect union of superior sound, technological innovation and timeless design: “As a musician and an engineer, I have the ambition to make music lovers forget they’re listening to music over audio equipment”, says Dieter Burmester, explaining his philosophy. “No one wants to buy the technology. But everyone wants to have his Mozart or Pink Floyd in the living room with him.” His company’s range of products includes amplifiers, CD players, FM tuners, surround processors, speakers and a coordinated cable program. Music lovers can also enjoy the high-end sound from Burmester in selected cars from Porsche and Bugatti. Burmester exports audio equipment of the highest quality to 50 countries and has won numerous awards.

The Berlin factory moves in a creative tension between traditional craft work and the most modern technology: “In research and development as in quality control, we use the most modern computer and most advanced measurement techniques”, says Burmester. “But our staff makes all the equipment quite traditionally by hand.” Almost all body parts are from German manufacturers. The electronic components are from well-known companies and go through the strictest control measurements, sometimes before being installed. After assembly, they are once again subjected to a multi-day trial run. And before delivery they are again tested by up to 300 separate measurements. Once the technology is perfect, then comes the last, perhaps most critical test: the finely-tuned ears of the staff run the last sound check, without which no audio system leaves the factory.

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