“I had the feeling I was 
coming home when I 
returned after many years“

Philippine filmmaker Raymond Red lived in Berlin at the time when the Wall came down and reunification followed.

Raymond Red – Philippine filmmaker

“In 1990, as part of the DAAD’s Artist Programme I spent seven months in Berlin. It was incredible, a unique experience. I believe I was the first Philippine artist to be granted such a stipend. And I was able to witness the historical upheaval first hand. I had the good fortune that my films were shown at 
the International Forum for Young Film as part of the Berlin International Film Festival. I was swiftly integrated into the art and cultural scene. In 2014, 
I took part in the International Short Film Festival in Berlin. Although I hadn’t been there for ages, everything was very familiar. When I returned to the roads and squares I knew from my previous visit I had the feeling I was coming home.”

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