Entdecke DE: Must-see motorway service areas

Motorways service areas in Germany are more than places to fill up with petrol; some of them are worth an additional stop.

Irschenberg Süd, A8 Munich-Salzburg

Take a break at Irschenberg and feast your eyes on a gorgeous alpine panorama. When you see the outdoor facilities in the traditional beer-garden style you'll fancy staying longer in picturesque Upper Bavaria.

Illertal Ost, A7 Füssen-Ulm

Germany's only “art rest stop” was built in 1997; it was designed by the Austrian artist Herbert Maierhofer. The curved façade with its little onion-domed towers quote great artists like Gaudí and Hundertwasser. Inside, the fantastic style is continued with multicoloured tiles.

Taunusblick, A5 Frankfurt-Fulda

The wheelchair-accessible lookout tower is the landmark of this service area in Hesse. The view sweeps up from the Frankfurt skyline into the Hochtaunus hills. Ancient Rome's Limes frontier defences influenced the design of this tower: the 25-metre high steel construction is modelled on a Roman observation tower.

Raststätte Moseltal, A61 Ludwigshafen-Cologne

This service area is right next to the Mosel viaduct, south of the Koblenz Autobahnkreuz (motorway interchange). From the parking lot and the nearby walkway, guests can enjoy the panorama over the Moselle valley with its many terraced vineyards.

Fichtenplan Nord, A10 Frankfurt/Oder-Potsdam

The name Cindy's Diner will make many people think of an American road house. And really, you could be forgiven for thinking that this rest stop is on an American highway – with its mint-green synthetic-leather chairs and the black-and-white floor tiles. Of course, the menu boasts hamburgers – including a gourmet version. By the way, there's another 1950s-style service area on the A8 at Hochfelln Süd.

Raststätte Jägerheim, A1 Osnabrück-Bremen

The red-brick building was built in the 18th century and has always been a tavern. Even today, the service area – which is very popular among truck drivers – still offers stressed travellers a cosy fireplace room. And barber Christoph Bornhorst has had a really up-to-date idea: in the parking lot he gives truckers haircuts in a vintage (1976) make-up truck from the American movie industry; after all they can't drive their huge trucks through the inner cities.


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