Waiting for food

Some small German cities are cut off from supply by the snow masses.

Angst vor Lawinen

Munich (dpa) - A walloping of snow in southern Germany is leaving some small town residents worried about where they're going to get their next meal as the storm cuts them off from the outside world.

Residents of the town of Jachenau are counting down the hours until a truck arrives on Wednesday with a delivery of food. Downed trees have made it impossible for them to get to stores in nearby towns, local officials said.

Jachenau's single access road has been blocked by trees that collapsed under the weight of dozens of centimetres of snow, with forecasts saying at least 50 more centimetres are expected to fall through Friday.

The road is expected to remain closed through Friday, with no chance to clear it for fears that more trees could fall and block the road further.

Similarly, about 350 residents of Buchenhoehe, part of the southern city of Berchtesgaden, will have to rely on trucked-in food delivery because the only road leading to the neighbourhood has been cut off by snow and fallen trees, said a regional official.

Work has begun to clear the road, but there are concerns more trees could collapse.

Snow has brought much of southern Germany to a standstill, with major traffic snarls and most schools closed in the region. Authorities are reporting increased chance of avalanches. Some ski resorts have even been overwhelmed by the snow.

While the south is snowed under, parts of northern Germany are under assault by a major winter storm that has been dumping rain for the last few days. Parts of the historic cities of Luebeck and Wismar were under water on Wednesday, while most coastal regions were bracing for a storm surge at some point later in the day.