Series: Partner for the environment

Germany is a driving force in the climate-protection process. Germany is strongly committed to the key objectives of the UN and is currently the chair of the UN Security Council. Part 4 of the series „Germany in the United Nations“.

Climate protection

Germany is a driving force in the climate-protection process. It is committed to the Framework Convention on Climate Change and a founder member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Achim Steiner, a German, is Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme UNEP. In the Pacific region, Germany is developing climate-pro­tection strategies together with island countries and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community. The priorities of the programme lie in agriculture and forestry. “We believe that Germany’s pion­eering role in renewable energy is not only good for technology transfer to other parts of the world, but that both sides can benefit”, says federal chancellor Angela Merkel.

Commitment to renewable energy

Germany regards renewable energy as the centrepiece of a secure and sustainable future energy supply. The Federal Government has decided to phase out nuclear energy and shut down all nuclear power plants by 2022. Germany is a leader in wind and solar energy technology. Forty offshore wind farms are planned over the next few years off the German North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts. Germany is world champion in wind energy and in demand all over the world as a cooperation partner for this sustainable energy technology.

Training in climate protection

Germany is making sure it passes on its know-how in climate change and renewable energy to the next generation. German universities now offer more than 250 courses related to renewable energy, including many programmes in English. Germany supports young professionals from developing countries – for example, with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s International Climate Change Grant and the Renewable Energy Postgraduate Programme in Oldenburg.


Distributing water resources fairly

Germany is one of the biggest donors in the water sector and cooperates closely with 30 countries. It is committed to a fair distribution of this resource. The German Water Partnership initiative provides technical solutions to support development cooperation. Germany runs projects to improve water supplies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In Central Asia, Germany has launched an initiative to improve water management and cross-border cooperation, emphasizing the potential of water for regional co­operation.

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