Development and Dialogue

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Cooperation, transformation and civil society. Current information and background on development and dialogue.

Say it democratically

Migration and education opportunities: How pupils in the USA and Latin America immerse themselves in German politics in a public speaking competition.

Facts not rumours

#rumoursabout Germany: A new website provides migrants with reliable information and counteracts the false promises of human traffickers.

Dialogue of values

Religious leaders in many countries around the world have especially close contact with their populations. That is why Germany is increasingly supporting cooperation with them.

Two plus Four Treaty

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the beginning of a new era, but it was the Two plus Four Treaty that actually paved the way to German reunification.

“Today’s international agenda”

Poverty, migration, climate change – the Brandt Commission was already demanding answers to these issues 40 years ago. And for a long time it did so in vain. An interview with Germany’s Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.