Studying in Germany

Studieren in Deutschland
Information on universities, courses and scholarships, and the best tips for international applicants.
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The way to a doctorate

You would like to get a PhD in Germany? Here you will find attractive programmes for international doctoral students.
Graduiertenfeier an der Universität Bonn
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Germany’s top universities

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The five cheapest university towns

It’s not only what you study that counts, but also where you choose to do so. Especially when it is a question of cost. We present Germany’s cheapest and most expensive university towns.
People from 125 countries study and research at the FU Berlin.
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These universities are excellent

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Germany is home to many universities of international standing.
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Outstanding universities in Germany

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Borders only on paper

It is a highly successful European project: for 30 years now, the EU Erasmus Programme has been enabling EU students, apprentices, interns and academics to spend periods abroad.


Not just for computer geeks: the new Code University in Berlin wants to train the creative digital class of the future.