Health insurance in Germany

The German system of mandatory #healthinsurance is one of the oldest in the world and remains a successful model until today. We explain to you how it works!

Parades on Rose Monday

Over one million people celebrated during the traditional Rose Monday processions throughout Germany. The celebrations were overshadowed after a car crashed into a crowd of people in Volkmarsen, Hesse.

Election in Hamburg

The outcome of the Hamburg elections in 2020 has hit some parties hard. While the SPD is far ahead and the Greens doubled their share of the vote, the CDU has experienced a historic bankruptcy and the FDP is struggling to get back into parliament after a counting slip.

About Us: A Video

Where can you find out everything worth knowing about Germany? Information and facts about politics, business, life, studying or work? And all of that in no less than ten languages? This video shows you where.