How Germany ticks

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier took over the patronage for the extraordinary project.
Globus in Händen
What links us all

Germany and the world

People who are committed to international exchange and initiatives that link countries.

“Over 30 percent more exports”

Who benefits most from the free-trade agreement between the EU and Japan? Marcus Schürmann, Managing Director of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, believes there is immense potential.

„Together first“

October sees the launch of Germany Year in the USA. A first impression of the programme was presented in Berlin – with a “WanderbUS”, pop-up institutes and prominent guests.

Bright prospects

The new German-Israeli HI-SCORE research school is building on the enormous potential of solar energy.

Researching in safety

Lawyer Anan Al Sheikh Haidar fled from Syria and now teaches at the University of Cologne – as a fellowship holder of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative.

Germany’s most popular jobs

There are excellent opportunities for well-trained, qualified professionals in the German labour market. The most sought-after jobs and valuable tips for foreign applicants.


Working in Germany

What do you need for successful entry to the German labour market? Career opportunities for international specialists.

Innovation made in Germany

Cutting-edge research from Germany – the most exciting projects, the most important contacts
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The fascination of nature

You've never seen Germany like this before.

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Region of the world