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Equal rights for all

70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: why Germany has a special responsibility.
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Opinion: Pact with long-term effects

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Some 1,400 traineeship contracts have been handed out for training in the field of electronic commerce.

Inventor Quiz

Question 1/7
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    Deutsche Erfindung: Automobil mit Benzinmotor
    Who is considered the inventor of the automobile with a petrol engine?
    Question 2/7
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      Deutsche Erfindung: Kaffeefilter
      What did Melitta Bentz invent?
      Question 3/7
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        Deutsche Erfindung: Aspirin
        Which company launched aspirin on the market in 1879?
        Question 4/7
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          Deutsche Erfindung: Computer
          Who built the first computer?
          Question 5/7
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            Deutsche Erfindung: Stollenschuhe
            What did Adi Dassler invent?
            Question 6/7
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              Deutsche Erfindung: Airbag
              Which company invented the airbag in 1971?
              Question 7/7
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                Deutsche Erfindung: MP3
                Which innovation from Germany revolutionised the music industry?





                Deutschlandjahr USA

                Germany and the U.S.

                Wunderbar together: the Year of German-American Friendship aims to encourage exchange – especially at a time of political differences.
                Globus in Händen
                What links us all

                Germany and the world

                People who are committed to international exchange and initiatives that link countries.

                100 Ideas for peace

                Preserve peace – by not forgetting wars – 100 years after the First World War young people are shaping a vibrant culture of remembrance.

                “More free trade”

                The Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business will be taking place in Jakarta at the beginning of November. Asia speaker Hubert Lienhard explains why now in particular the region is so very important.


                Working in Germany

                What do you need for successful entry to the German labour market? Career opportunities for international specialists.

                Studieren in Deutschland

                Studying in Germany

                Information on universities, courses and scholarships, and the best tips for international applicants.

                Region of the world

                Region of the world