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Demonstration für das Frauenwahlrecht
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Make your voice heard!

100 years of women's suffrage

Women vote differently

Women in Germany have had the right to vote for 100 years. Why they nevertheless sometimes cast their vote less often than men, and what parties they prefer.

Equal rights in politics?

One of the most powerful women in the world governs Germany. Does that mean German politics has a high proportion of women? Here are the figures.

Quiz on World Food Week

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    Welternährungstag 2017
    How many people does Agenda 2030 aim to save from hunger and malnutrition?
    Question 2/5
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      Welternährungstag 2017: Eine Welt ohne Hunger
      What sum does Germany contribute annually to supporting the fight against hunger?
      Question 3/5
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        Welternährungstag 2017: Eine Welt ohne Hunger
        Which is an important target group of German development cooperation?
        Question 4/5
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          Welternährungstag 2017: Eine Welt ohne Hunger
          What is the focus of researchers from Germany and Ethiopia in the project CLIFOOD?
          Question 5/5
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            Welternährungstag 2017: Eine Welt ohne Hunger
            In how many countries did the World Food Programme help people suffering from hunger in 2016?





            Deutschlandjahr USA

            Germany and the U.S.

            Wunderbar together: the Year of German-American Friendship aims to encourage exchange – especially at a time of political differences.
            Globus in Händen
            What links us all

            Germany and the world

            People who are committed to international exchange and initiatives that link countries.

            Award-winning alumni projects

            Environmental protection in Mongolia, music lessons in Cameroon, support for indigenous peoples in Peru – six alumni projects from the PASCH initiative have been honoured in Berlin.

            Bavaria in Tel Aviv

            The Free State of Bavaria is aiming to consolidate its good relations with Israel – and now has its own representation in Tel Aviv.

            “Over 30 percent more exports”

            Who benefits most from the free-trade agreement between the EU and Japan? Marcus Schürmann, Managing Director of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, believes there is immense potential.

            Bright prospects

            The new German-Israeli HI-SCORE research school is building on the enormous potential of solar energy.

            Germany’s most popular jobs

            There are excellent opportunities for well-trained, qualified professionals in the German labour market. The most sought-after jobs and valuable tips for foreign applicants.


            Working in Germany

            What do you need for successful entry to the German labour market? Career opportunities for international specialists.
            Studieren in Deutschland

            Studying in Germany

            Information on universities, courses and scholarships, and the best tips for international applicants.

            Region of the world

            Region of the world