How Germany ticks

Warum Berlin Kippa trägt

In Berlin und anderen Städten Deutschlands haben Menschen ein klares Zeichen gegen Antisemitismus gesetzt. Wir erklären die Hintergründe.

Im Dialog: Der UN-Sicherheitsrat

Germany in the United Nations

Committed to peace and human rights: Germany seeks to be one of the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Inventor Quiz

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    Deutsche Erfindung: Automobil mit Benzinmotor
    Who is considered the inventor of the automobile with a petrol engine?
    Question 2/7
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      Deutsche Erfindung: Kaffeefilter
      What did Melitta Bentz invent?
      Question 3/7
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        Deutsche Erfindung: Aspirin
        Which company launched aspirin on the market in 1879?
        Question 4/7
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          Deutsche Erfindung: Computer
          Who built the first computer?
          Question 5/7
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            Deutsche Erfindung: Stollenschuhe
            What did Adi Dassler invent?
            Question 6/7
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              Deutsche Erfindung: Airbag
              Which company invented the airbag in 1971?
              Question 7/7
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                Deutsche Erfindung: MP3
                Which innovation from Germany revolutionised the music industry?




                German economists say the country will keep growing this year but see no risk of overheating.

                Smart technology

                Driverless cars and smart clothing: how the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is helping shape the future.

                Digital upturn

                Smartphones contribute to an economic boom: digitalisation is creating growth and new jobs. The latest figures.

                Region of the world

                Region of the world

                Many views of Europe

                What does Europe’s future look like – and will we see more or less solidarity? We visit experts in Frankfurt/Main.
                What links us all

                Germany and the world

                People who are committed to international exchange and initiatives that link countries.

                “A good future for Israel“

                Israel is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its independence. German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas deliver their congratulations and take the opportunity to look back on German-Israeli relations.

                Outstanding storyteller

                Writer Ron Segal has found a moving narrative form for remembering the Holocaust. And based on it the animated film “Adam” has now gone into production.

                From conflict to classroom

                They were experienced teachers in Syria or other crisis countries, but then they had to flee. They would like to teach again in Germany. But that isn’t easy.

                Say it democratically

                Migration and education opportunities: How pupils in the USA and Latin America immerse themselves in German politics in a public speaking competition.