How Germany ticks

Was Deutschland bewegt

Deutsche Humanitäre Hilfe wird 50

Humanitarian Assistance

For 50 years, the German Foreign Office together with its partners has been contributing to Germany’s humanitarian aid effort.
German Chancellor is getting her own Angie Force One, a secondhand Airbus A321 - but without luxurious.

Researching in safety

Lawyer Anan Al Sheikh Haidar fled from Syria and now teaches at the University of Cologne – as a fellowship holder of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative.

Region of the world

Region of the world
What links us all

Germany and the world

People who are committed to international exchange and initiatives that link countries.

Germany’s most popular jobs

There are excellent opportunities for well-trained, qualified professionals in the German labour market. The most sought-after jobs and valuable tips for foreign applicants.

“Visit Poland!”

As cabaret artist Steffen Möller lives part of the year in Germany and part in Poland he is familiar with relations between the two countries and the influence the weather has on them.

The Jogi Löw of Myanmar

Antoine Hey who once played football for the German Bundesliga is the new national trainer of Myanmar. What does he have in common with Jogi Löw, coach of Germany’s national team?

A new start in Berlin

Founded by George Soros, the Open Society Foundations are moving their Hungarian office to Berlin. How it came about and what it means.