How Germany ticks


How Germany voted

At the European elections, the Greens made clear gains, while the Conservatives and the Social Democrats posted losses.

Germany and the world

European Union

Europe votes

Why it is worth helping to shape the future of the European Union.


How well do you know the EU?

Question 1/10
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    How many seats are there in the EU Parliament? (Before the 2019 European elections)
    Question 2/10
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      Where is the seat of the European Commission?
      Question 3/10
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        Mit welchem Ziel wurde die Europäische Union gegründet?
        What was the aim of the European Union when it was founded?
        Question 4/10
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          When was the European Coal and Steel Community founded, the predecessor of the EU?
          Question 5/10
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            Wie viele Fraktionen sind im EU-Parlament vertreten?
            How many parliamentary groups are represented in the European Parliament? (Before the 2019 European elections)
            Question 6/10
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              Wie viele Staaten sind Mitglied der EU?
              How many states are members of the EU? (As of May 2019)
              Question 7/10
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                Wie viele Gründungsmitglieder hatte die EU?
                How many founding members of the EU were there?
                Question 8/10
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                  Wofür stehen die Sterne der EU-Flagge?
                  What do the stars on the European flag stand for?
                  Question 9/10
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                    Woher stammt die Melodie der Europäischen Hymne?
                    What is the melody of the Anthem of Europe based on?
                    Question 10/10
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                      Wie lautet der Leitspruch der EU?
                      What is the motto of the European Union?




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