How Germany ticks

Quick facts

tourists from all over the world come to Germany every year.


accommodations for international tourists were counted by the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) in 2017.

billion euro

is the annual turnover for tourism in Germany.


people work in services or manufacturing for tourism.


overnight stays for international guests in 2030 – the forecast for tourism in Germany.

Entdecke DE: Deutschland bietet eine Vielzahl an Ausflugsmöglichkeiten

Discover “DE”

Exciting cities and a variety of countryside as different as the North Sea coast and the Alps never cease to fascinate its many visitors.

Picture puzzle

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    Brandenburger Tor
    What is this famous sight?
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      Kölner Dom
      In what city is this famous cathedral to be found?
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        What German city has the most high-rises?
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          What is the name of this concert hall in Hamburg?
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            Where is the Olympic Stadium?




            Germany and France want to promote more climate-friendly electricity production together.

            Region of the world

            Region of the world


            Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2018

            So what brings 2,000 conference participants from over 90 countries, some 180 journalists, 30 ministers and state secretaries and over 100 high-level speakers to the German Federal Foreign Office for two days in the middle of April?

            Time to grind the wheels

            Amusa Victor from Vicfold Recyclers, the winner of our #youforG20 contest, about the arrival of the startup’s new machines and its success at the African Entrepreneurship Award.
            What links us all

            Germany and the world

            People who are committed to international exchange and initiatives that link countries.

            The Jogi Löw of Myanmar

            Antoine Hey who once played football for the German Bundesliga is the new national trainer of Myanmar. What does he have in common with Jogi Löw, coach of Germany’s national team?

            “Visit Poland!”

            As cabaret artist Steffen Möller lives part of the year in Germany and part in Poland he is familiar with relations between the two countries and the influence the weather has on them.

            A new start in Berlin

            Founded by George Soros, the Open Society Foundations are moving their Hungarian office to Berlin. How it came about and what it means.

            The miracle of change

            Israel is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Jewish state. To mark the occasion, seven committed people take a look at interaction between Germany and Israel.

            Many views of Europe

            What does Europe’s future look like – and will we see more or less solidarity? We visit experts in Frankfurt/Main.

            From conflict to classroom

            They were experienced teachers in Syria or other crisis countries, but then they had to flee. They would like to teach again in Germany. But that isn’t easy.