Topic of the week: Health economy

The anti-coronavirus cluster

The pharmaceutical industry in Germany has responded successfully to the coronavirus pandemic. One network in particular has distinguished itself.

Preserved for posterity

Some fascinating places in Germany have applied to become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We show you which ones have been included in the list.

Olympic Games Tokyo

Germany and the world

Coronavirus in Germany

Latest coronavirus updates

Extended testing obligation for all travellers probably already from 1 August +++ Here you find the most important news about the spread of the disease in Germany.


Coronavirus in Germany

Everything you need to know about the corona crisis in Germany and the measures being taken against the spread of the virus.

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Diversity wins

Why Germany champions diversity and how diversity enriches society.

German language

Facts about the German language, learning tips, free language courses and important links for people learning or teaching German.

Working in Germany

How to succeed in entering the German labour market. Information on career opportunities for international skilled personnel, tips on applying, training and job hunting.


German business is squaring up to a fourth industrial revolution. The Federal Government is driving digital change.


Highly sensitive and high-tech: the production of pharmaceuticals.
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Innovative and export-oriented

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An operation using the latest technology.
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The future: medicine 4.0

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Wirtschaftspartner Deutschland

Germany as an economic partner

Germany's economy is a reliable partner. The “Made in Germany” label is in demand all over the world.




2021 Bundestag elections

Germany will be going to the polls on 26 September 2021. After 16 years at the helm of the German government, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel is not running for another term. Who will succeed her?

Studying in Germany

Information on universities, courses and scholarships, and the best tips for international applicants.

Wir zeigen euch die Vor- und Nachteile des digitalen Lernens.

Online learning in Germany

Learning German or studying for a degree online: e-learning offers many opportunities, especially during the corona crisis. An overview
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Alumniportal Deutschland

The social network for Germany-Alumni: Learn more about knowledge exchange, networking, further education and career.

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D+C Development and Cooperation

Forum for debate linking the Global South to the Global North

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