How Germany ticks

Germany and the world


Dr. Kirui’s project

How a Kenyan agricultural economist at Bonn University is helping people in Africa by their own means – and protecting the climate at the same time.

Topic of the week: Climate

Die Umwelt schützen

Saving the Earth

How Germany supports environmental and climate protection around the world

Off to the woods!

Deutsche Wälder
Question 1/6
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    Deutschlands Berge: Watzmann und Hochkalter
    How many hectares of forest does Germany have?
    Question 2/6
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      Deutsche Baumvielfalt
      What is the most common type of tree in Germany?
      Question 3/6
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        Insekten können eine Gefahr für Bäume sein
        Which insects pose a particular risk to the spruce trees in Germany?
        Question 4/6
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          Deutschland ist reich an Wäldern
          How many tons of carbon do German forests store per year?
          Question 5/6
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            Wälder in Deutschland
            Which two German states have the most forests?
            Question 6/6
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              Deutsche Wälder speichern sehr viel CO2
              How many types of tree are there in Germany?





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