Keeping Europe together

Why it is worth helping to shape the future of the European Union.


Germany in the EU

Chance Europe: Studium, Arbeit und Praktika in Europa sind gefragt wie nie

Your chance in Europe

Europe offers the best prerequisites for launching a professional career. Here are all the advantages at a glance:

A view of Europe from Germany

Despite the difficulties, the EU needs to be able and willing to represent European interests in the world as well, says Ulrich Ladurner from the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit.
Warsaw: The Palace of Culture.
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A view of Europe from Poland

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Madrid: La Almudena Cathedral.
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A view of Europe from Spain

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Quick facts
million people

live in the 28 member states of the European Union (before Brexit).

official languages

reflect the cultural diversity of the European Union.

million EU citizens

speak German as their native language.

member states

have the common currency, the euro.

million EU citizens

are living, working or studying in another member state.

billion euros

account for the total GDP of the EU. It is also the second largest economy in the world.

per cent

of global foreign trade is carried out by the EU.

An experience for life

Young people talk about the time they have spent abroad in Europe – doing voluntary service or an internship or studying at a university.
Elektro-Auto wird betankt

Facts on current topics in Europe

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Berlin / Paris

Europe needs the strong leadership duo of Germany and France – will the two countries take up the challenge?

Yes to Europe

Get into the fray: High-ranking EU official Martin Selmayr explains how Europeans can themselves help shape a better EU.

An exchange for life

Europe Day 2017: former Erasmus students explain what Europe means to them. In 2017 the Erasmus exchange programme celebrates the 30th anniversary of its foundation.

Unity in diversity

Viewpoint: Political scientists Jana Puglierin and Julian Rappold explain why foreign and security policy could act as “cement” for the European Union.

International diversity in lecture halls

Germany is more popular than ever among students from all over the world: International diversity shapes the face of life and learning in the universities. About every second foreign student comes from Europe.