Keeping Europe together

Germany is one of the founding European Union member states and even in difficult times supports European cohesion.

Berlin / Paris

Europe needs the strong leadership duo of Germany and France – will the two countries take up the challenge?

The withdrawal

Will there be an agreement at the last minute or a hard Brexit? The most important facts on this subject.

Many views of Europe

What does Europe’s future look like – and will we see more or less solidarity? We visit experts in Frankfurt/Main.

Yes to Europe

Get into the fray: High-ranking EU official Martin Selmayr explains how Europeans can themselves help shape a better EU.

A date with Europe

Fancy taking a look behind the political scenes in Berlin? An open day gives visitors the opportunity to explore.

Hitchhike and help

Ahead of them lies a hitch-hike of 2,000 kilometres from Erfurt to Lithuania. Three students are taking part in the 10th hitch-hiking race across Europe.

An exchange for life

Europe Day 2017: former Erasmus students explain what Europe means to them. In 2017 the Erasmus exchange programme celebrates the 30th anniversary of its foundation.

The citizens’ initiative Pulse of Europe

The citizens’ initiative Pulse of Europe is committed to fighting for the European community. People are already taking to the streets in around 20 cities – and the numbers are increasing all the time.

Love without borders

In 1992 Nadine Didier-Mantovani met her husband during an Erasmus semester in Italy and decided to stay. She tells us how she found a new home abroad and what Europeans can learn from each other.

Working across two countries

Maria Tandeck is 27 and regularly commutes between Germany and Poland for work. “This way of life works well for me,” says the committed European.

Sixty years on

The Treaty of Rome in 1957 initiated an important fresh start. Sixty years later Europe must decide whether it wants to be a world power or gambles away its opportunities.

Borders only on paper

It is a highly successful European project: for 30 years now, the EU Erasmus Programme has been enabling EU students, apprentices, interns and academics to spend periods abroad.

Unity in diversity

Viewpoint: Political scientists Jana Puglierin and Julian Rappold explain why foreign and security policy could act as “cement” for the European Union.

Talking about Europe

Over 120 members of the public discussed the future of Europe with Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and experts from the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.

At home in four languages

German is still one of the most important European languages. For the 14-year-old Elisa Lena from Brussels, German is one of four languages that she speaks and uses quite naturally on a daily basis.

International diversity in lecture halls

Germany is more popular than ever among students from all over the world: International diversity shapes the face of life and learning in the universities. About every second foreign student comes from Europe.

Experiencing Europe

Get to know Europe virtually for free, have unforgettable experiences and live out the European idea – all that is possible with the European Voluntary Service.

EU ambassadors on racing bikes

Thomas John and Johannes Rosenberger travelled 4,700 kilometres across the EU on four weekends – to promote a Europe without borders. On the way they were able to inspire lots of people to support their idea.

Berlin Security Conference

The Berlin Security Conference (BSC) is an important platform for European security and defence policy. Three questions for Minister of State Michael Roth.