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Interviews, coverage and background stories on Germany and its relations to Israel.

Science, business, medicine, culture, remembrance – German-Israeli cooperation encompasses virtually all areas of life. German-Israeli relations have been consistently expanded and intensified ever since diplomatic relations were established on 12 May 1965.

Today the bilateral friendship between the two countries is diverse and resilient – and remains unique on account of Germany’s responsibility for the Shoah. We show how Germans and Israelis conduct research, work, play music and live side by side.

This friendship is held together by the people of our countries, it comes to life in a thousand little details of our daily lives and that is exactly what makes it so strong and indispensable.
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Federal President

Joint research

There are numerous examples of research cooperation between Germany and Israel in the areas of science, medicine, technology and innovation: at ministerial and state level, between universities and research institutes, and between individual researchers from both countries. Cooperation is focused particularly on the natural sciences, marine and earth sciences, biotechnology, environmental research, communication technology and cancer research. We show you how Germany and Israel conduct joint research.


Protecting the climate and nature

Be it migratory birds, water shortages or early warning systems – there are many German-Israeli research collaborations in the areas of climate protection, conservation and renewable energies.

Thriving culture of remembrance

Commemorating the victims of the Holocaust, keeping memories alive, educating the next generations and striving for reconciliation – all these are key objectives of Germany’s culture of remembrance. Commemorative sites, eye-witness accounts, exhibitions and digital places of learning aim to ensure that the crimes committed by the Nazis are never forgotten. Find out here what characterises the German culture of remembrance and which (cooperative) projects allow anyone to experience it.

Economic partner

Within the EU, Germany is considered to be Israel’s most important economic partner – in global terms, Germany ranks third after China and the USA. Israel in turn is one of the world’s leading start-up nations. The start-up scene has been booming for more than 20 years in Israel, especially in the areas of biotech and AI. We show you where Germany and Israel are working closely together and why their intensive economic relations are so productive for both countries.

Working Holiday

Are you from Israel and want to spend a year travelling through Germany while working and earning money at the same time? Let us explain how easy this is with a working holiday visa.


Stronger through exchange

The thriving social exchange that takes place between Germany and Israel helps our two countries to understand one another better. Personal encounters between people – especially young people – from both countries are at the heart of German-Israeli relations. Exchange programmes, school and youth encounters, scholarships and city twinning programmes are reviving the bilateral friendship.

Culture connects

Germany and Israel are involved in many cultural and educational collaborations. Individual projects are supported, while mediatory organisations like the Goethe-Institut and the DAAD operate in Israel itself. The initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future” (PASCH) increases the profile of German as a foreign language. The Federal Foreign Office supports cultural preservation measures such as the renovation of Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem. Learn about more inspiring projects here.

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