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Topic of the week: Fake news

Immune to fake news

Fake news is spreading faster and faster. We show you how to recognize serious information and suggest some fact checks.
Topic of the week: Fake news

Deepfakes as a cyberweapon

Manipulated videos are becoming increasingly difficult to detect. Find out here what this means and how to protect yourself.

Art in exile

The Goethe-Institut is supporting artists from countries where it is no longer able to work. Ukrainian art is the first step.

Documenta and the scandal

A case of antisemitism is overshadowing the world art show in Kassel. It is being addressed and this will again enable people to focus on what is most important: a new understanding of art.
Art in Germany

Places to study art

Many art colleges in Germany offer excellent training programmes and are often associated with famous artists. We present an overview.