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design: Germany’s cultural scene is rich, diverse, vibrant, full of ­surprises and international 


Diversity in music

They play soul, pop, reggae or classical music: we present six musicians with African roots who are popular in Germany.

Music for peace

Benefit concerts, anti-war songs and live performances from Ukrainian bunkers: how German artists and musicians are supporting Ukraine.
Topic of the week: Filmland Germany

Conquering Hollywood

Young German stars in Hollywood blockbusters: here you can get to know four international stars.
Topic of the week: Filmland Germany

Hollywood in Germany

Great cinema: many internationally successful films were shot in Germany. A journey to the locations of some famous productions.
Topic of the week: Filmland Germany

Stars behind the camera

You listen to their music, watch their movies and have admired their special effects: we introduce you to three Germans who work behind the scenes.