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design: Germany’s cultural scene is rich, diverse, vibrant, full of ­surprises and international 

Topic of the week: Initiatives for refugees

Writing in exile

The Hannah Arendt Initiative supports journalists who are at risk, for example in Afghanistan.

“Also a war against culture”

Established in Germany, the Network for the Protection of Cultural Property in Ukraine is engaged in efforts to preserve the country’s cultural heritage, which is threatened by the war.

Fragile beauty

How a German-Cambodian team is preserving the Angkor World Heritage site with the support of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office.
Topic of the week: Fake news

Immune to fake news

Fake news is spreading faster and faster. We show you how to recognize serious information and suggest some fact checks.
Topic of the week: Fake news

Deepfakes as a cyberweapon

Manipulated videos are becoming increasingly difficult to detect. Find out here what this means and how to protect yourself.