Communication and Media

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Topic of the week: Media in Germany

The new media monster

Conspiracy theories are flourishing during the crisis. How to combat this? Five questions for Katharina Nocun.
Topic of the week: Media

Media for a better future

Start-ups are also creating a stir in the media market. Here we present three successful projects ─ and one is especially noteworthy.
Topic of the week: Media

TV viewing in Germany

Which broadcasters had the highest viewing figures and which programme is most popular? Here are some key facts about German television.
Topic of the week: Media in Germany

All from a single device

The smartphone stands for media change in Germany. It makes information and entertainment accessible anywhere and at any time.

Berlin is everywhere

The Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit” is not set in Berlin, but Berlin plays a number of roles in it. We present a selection of them.

Reading and watching

You can also get to know German literature at the cinema or via a streaming service – here are some successful film adaptations of great works.

What the Germans read

What is the situation on the German book market? What books are people buying and what role is the coronavirus playing? We have the answers for you.

Learning with literature

People who learn German know Goethe and Kafka, but contemporary literature is better suited for language acquisition. We present the best methods.

The world is a book

The German Book Prize, the Frankfurt Book Fair and the German book trade: here you can find out all you need to know about books.