Germany is the world’s fourth-largest economy, highly innovative and has a strong focus on exports. The future lies in Industry 4.0.

Topic of the week: Skilled crafts

German champions

'Manufactories' belong to the top echelons of German craftsmanship. Here are three companies that are internationally successful with products 'handmade in Germany'.

Quiz competition: test your knowledge of the German economy

The German economy is one of our readers’ and followers’ favourite subjects. That’s why we have launched a competition that enables you to demonstrate your knowledge of Germany as an economic partner and also gives you the chance to win one of 5 online language courses at the Goethe-Institut!
Topic of the week: Sustainability

Energy from the north

Sustainability in Germany: A joint project is to supply energy to make Europe’s economy future-proof.
Topic of the week: Sustainability

Exemplary success

German companies that have achieved exemplary sustainability – as well as economic success. We present three very different examples.
Topic of the week: Sustainability

Start-ups with a future

Three start-ups show what is possible – including in sectors that have not been previously known for their sustainability.
Topic of the week: Artificial intelligence

The engine room of the Internet

Discover why more and more data centres are being set up in Frankfurt and what is going on behind their windowless grey facades.
Topic of the week: Artificial intelligence

The AI startup scene

Business founders in Germany have discovered artificial intelligence. Find out what is happening in the startup scene here.
Topic of the week: Artificial intelligence

Ahead in basic research

How well positioned is Germany in the field of artificial intelligence? Three questions for AI expert Professor Antonio Krüger