Innovation and Technology

E-Mobility, Digital Agenda, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Made in Germany: current information and background on innovation and technology

Topic of the week: Coronavirus and us

"Startups must always grow"

Difficult conditions, but also fresh opportunities. Sebastian Sujka tells us how his startup is getting through the coronavirus pandemic.
Topic of the week: Thought leaders from Germany

“Believing in your own ideas”

The innovation expert Christoph Burkhardt lives in Silicon Valley. He praises Germany’s technological strength, but calls for more courage.
Topic of the week: Thought leaders from Germany

Germany is so innovative

Number one in research and development – Germany is at the top of the list of the most innovative countries. But it also has a weakness.
Topic of the week: Thought leaders from Germany

Giving digital stimuli

People with the courage to come up with new ideas are making Germany fit for the future. Three examples from the digital sector.
Topic of the week: Bioeconomy

The sea as a resource

The sustainable use of the oceans is the goal of marine biotechnology. These German projects have a promising future.
Topic of the week: Bioeconomy

A dress made of milk

More and more companies in Germany are discovering biological raw materials as the basis for their products – and they are getting extremely imaginative in the process.
Topic of the week: Bioeconomy

Sustainable economy

Christian Patermann, pioneer of the bioeconomy, explains the potential and limits of an economy that prioritizes biological raw materials.
Topic of the week: Ideas for tomorrow

Leap into the future

Progress needs big ideas. Find out here how Germany promotes springboard innovations in science and technology.

Tracking down the virus

Voluntary apps could soon play an important role in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. These three platforms could help to achieve that.