Internationally, Germany leads the way in climate protection and is a pioneer in the development of renewable energies.

Topic of the week: Climate and security

Well insured

Across the world, farmers’ very existences are threatened by climate change. A climate risk insurance scheme protects them and their families.
Topic of the week: Climate and security

Smart cities

Megacities play a key role in climate protection. The C40 network helps them to exploit it.
Topic of the week: Climate and security

“The only way to survive”

Precarious living conditions, loss of identity: Researcher Kira Vinke has learned about the plight of climate immigrants from the people affected themselves.

Stop the smog!

Especially in winter, India suffers from smog. Germany is cooperating in providing low-emission mobility solutions.

Power rankings

Bill Gates is wrong. Nuclear power will not save the climate. Beyond Chernobyl and Fukushima, there’s too much speaking against it.

World city with vision

Climate protection and global sustainability goals: Hamburg receives the UNESCO Prize for Education and Sustainable Development in 2019.

Red Alert

Naturschutzbund Deutschland has purchased licences to preserve the tropical rainforest in Indonesia, currently being ravaged by fire. What can be done?

Dr. Kirui’s project

How a Kenyan agricultural economist at Bonn University is helping people in Africa by their own means – and protecting the climate at the same time.