Internationally, Germany leads the way in climate protection and is a pioneer in the development of renewable energies.

Topic of the week: the economy after corona

“Now more than ever!”

Sabine Nallinger, Managing Director of Stiftung 2° – German Businesses for Climate Protection, discusses the business model of the future.
Topic of the week: Ideas for tomorrow

Rethinking livestock farming

Animal welfare is expected to improve significantly by 2040 – that is the goal of the Borchert Commission. We spoke with Jochen Borchert.
Thema der Woche: Ideen für morgen

Cooling cities in the heat

Summers are getting hotter, and climate change is presenting city planners with new challenges. We show what Germany can learn from other countries.
Topic of the week: EU and climate protection

The clean fuel of the future

Eco-friendly hydrogen is regarded as a “silver bullet” when it comes to fighting climate change. With its hydrogen strategy, Germany is now promoting its production.
Topic of the week: Biodiversity

The returnees

Wolves and lynx are at home again in Germany – and there is hope for the permanent return of elk, bison and bear.
Topic of the week: Biodiversity

Viruses from the jungle

The biologist Simone Sommer of the University of Ulm explains how new virus infections and protecting ecosystems are related.