The latest political, economic, cultural and social news from Germany

February 21th: News from Germany

Merkel pledges military support in Burkina Faso's anti-terror effort + Deutsche Telekom to invest almost EUR 13 Billion in Networks + Dortmund look to bounce back as Bayern close in.

February 20th: News from Germany

Germany, France push for EU industrial policy after rail merger flop + German police chief: Repeat violator migrants need close surveillance + German volunteer scientist finds oldest white dwarf star for NASA.

February 18th: News from Germany

Merkel delivers barnstorming speech that highlights gulf with Trump + US top German export destination in 2018, but trade war fears loom + Bayern's Kovac says Liverpool game is '50-50'.

Up-to-date: News from Germany

Security conference: Germany urges closer global cooperation  + VW looking to cut personnel, costs as it eyes upcoming investments + Berlinale finale: German cinema can hope.

February 14th: News from Germany

German womens' minister puts weight behind parliamentary parity law + Steinmeier: Finally getting serious with avoidance of plastic waste + Airbus discontinues world's largest passenger jet A380.

February 13th: News from Germany

Federal government basically ready for new Afghanistan conference + German agency: More care for nature needed in green energy expansion + Netflix announces new series from Germany.

February 12th: News from Germany

Study: German labour market needs migrants from outside the EU + France, Germany revive industrial policy push in wake of nixed merger + Berlin Film Festival programme offers lessons for the Trump era. 

February 7th: News from Germany

German authorities ban Facebook from collecting data + German production falls for fourth month in a row + Movie-going declines in Germany as Berlin Film Festival kicks off. 

February 6th: News from Germany

These are the topics: Germany promises NATO it will increase defence spending + EU blocks Siemens-Alstom rail merger + Love Parade legal proceedings end for majority of defendants.