Germany is one of the top places in the world for research and academic training.

Topic of the week: People and media

Thirst for knowledge

The key questions facing research in short, entertaining videos: These three channels from Germany are a must-see.
Topic of the week: Global health

Combating pandemics with data

The WHO has opened a hub in Berlin. Researchers plan to use artificial intelligence to identify possible pandemics at an early stage.
Topic of the week: Global health

The faces of research

Who in Germany is conducting research into key health topics? A portrait of three leading scientists
Topic of the week: Global health

Science networks

Research for health: Four examples of outstanding international projects with German participation
Topic of the week: Global health

Tomorrow’s medicine

Bypasses from the 3D printer, contact lenses for the ears, virtual reality glasses in the operating theatre: We present some innovations from Germany.