Germany is one of the top places in the world for research and academic training.

Topic of the week: ethics and society

The right to self-determination

Sometimes patients are no longer able to make their own decisions. That is why Germany has advance healthcare directives and organ donor cards.
Topic of the week: ethics and society

“Difficult, tragic decisions”

What do doctors base their decisions on when equipment and staff become scarce? Medical ethics specialist Kathrin Knochel helped formulate recommendations.

Hope for a vaccine

Seven companies and institutes in Germany are working full speed on vaccines against Covid-19, with some projects well advanced.

Digital lecture halls

Exchange on the virtual campus: because of the Corona crisis, German universities are starting the summer semester with online courses.

Simple life savers

The coronavirus is making us inventive: how German universities are helping to master the pandemic with small innovations.

Learn German with us

These German language tips will boost your German skills during the coronavirus outbreak. Here you can discover words and expressions surrounding study, work and technology.