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Topic of the week: #OurGermany

An expat in Hamburg

The Moldavian expat Elena lives in Germany’s second largest city. Here she shows you Hamburg and gives you some good tips on how to make friends.
Topic of the week: #OurGermany

“Munich is family-friendly”

The expat Spomenka lives with her family in Munich. She tells why she feels comfortable there and reveals important links to help get started in the city.
Topic of the week: #OurGermany

Facts about expats

Why do expats come to Germany, how long do they want to stay, what do they like – and what don’t they like? The new Expat Insider 2020 Report has the answers.
Topic of the week: #OurGermany

My favourite place is a castle

The expat Asyraf Syamsul lives in the city of Cologne. But what he likes best is the environment. Learn here about what fascinates him there.

Shaping society

What values do we want to live by tomorrow? The question occupies these three figures from culture and society.

Israelis in Germany

Germany is home to around 20,000 Israeli immigrants. Discover why they are here and what life is like for them in Germany.