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Topic of the week: Germany in figures

Germany’s top cities

Which German city is most popular with tourists? Which is the greenest, the most sustainable, the most liveable? Read about it here.
Topic of the week: Germany in figures

German superlatives

The tallest church, the narrowest street, the biggest thirst: Germany is the world leader in these unusual categorieswelchen dabei ist.

Travelling to Germany

Entering Germany, relaxing by the sea and vacationing in the mountains – what the coronavirus rules allow and what they don’t. We answer your questions.

Studying diversity

Diversity: numerous courses of study in Germany convey the potential that diversity offers and how it can be used. Here are four examples.

Diversity wins

Many companies have long recognized the advantages of diversity and therefore specifically promote it. Three examples.

Advantages in the field

Women are increasingly asserting themselves in traditionally male-dominated fields. The proportion of people with a migration background is also increasing.