Society and Integration

Pluralism, freedom of religion, family, women and children, demographic change. Migration. Current information and background on society and integration.

Topic of the week: Initiatives for refugees

Researching in freedom

They had to flee for their lives: three female scientists talk about their fresh start in Germany.
Topic of the week: 60 years of the Élysée Treaty

United in diversity

Three young people, two from Germany and one from France, explain why cultural exchange is especially important in times of crisis.
Topic of the week: What's new in 2023?

A year of social reforms

More child benefits and above all the new citizen's income: in 2023, key social reforms will come into force.
Topic of the week: My way to Germany

Saving the roots

They are preserving a part of German history: the association DOMiD (Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany) collects testimonies of migration. Now a museum is also being built.
My way to Germany

Miss Tik Tok

Uyen Ninh moved to Germany because of love and became successful on Tik Tok shortly after. We spoke to her about that.