Energy transition

Renewable energy, environmental technology, energy policy, future technologies. Current information and background on energy and technology.

Topic of the week: Water – hydrogen

Energy transition partners

Climate change cannot be tackled alone. Germany is cooperating with these partners in the field of hydrogen research
Topic of the week: Water – hydrogen

New ideas for clean energy

Green hydrogen is a fuel with a future. Three startups from Germany are pursuing innovative approaches to its production and use.
Topic of the week: Water – hydrogen

“Painful challenges”

Climate change and drought pose a threat to our water resources. Germany’s water suppliers are being forced to adapt.
Topic of the week: Energy for the future

Decisive women

Energy transition towards gender equality: why women's participation matters for successful climate protection.

Quickfacts - Energy transition

If we want to preserve our climate for the future we need to change the way we produce energy. The German effort to reach the sustainability goals is called Energiewende or energy transition.