Brands and Markets

BMW, BASF, Siemens, startups and world market leader: current information and background on brands and markets


From idea to market

The StArfrica initiative supports German and Rwandan start-ups, helping them access the market in each other’s countries.
Topic of the week: Skilled crafts

German champions

'Manufactories' belong to the top echelons of German craftsmanship. Here are three companies that are internationally successful with products 'handmade in Germany'.
Topic of the week: Sustainability

Energy from the north

Sustainability in Germany: A joint project is to supply energy to make Europe’s economy future-proof.
Topic of the week: Sustainability

Exemplary success

German companies that have achieved exemplary sustainability – as well as economic success. We present three very different examples.
Topic of the week: Sustainability

Start-ups with a future

Three start-ups show what is possible – including in sectors that have not been previously known for their sustainability.
Topic of the week: Health economy

The future: medicine 4.0

Healing and helping are the goals of medical action. Read here about how modern technology and digitization can contribute to these aims.

A German phenomenon

“Hidden champions” are internationally highly successful privately owned companies whose names are practically unknown, even in Germany. We reveal three.