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News agencies in Germany

Find out about how these news wholesalers work, what their special topics are and what services they provide.

Nachrichtenagentur in Deutschland
© dpa

AFP Agence France-Presse

Founded in Paris in 1835, AFP is a global news agency that maintains offices in 150 countries worldwide. AFP has one of the world’s most extensive networks of correspondents. AFP GmbH, its Berlin-based German subsidiary, produces German-language news, graphics, animations, videos and multimedia services for print, broadcast and online media in Germany.

German Press Agency

The leading news agency in Germany: the German Press Agency (dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur) is also one of the largest selling news agencies on the international scene. Its network of correspondents includes offices and employees in more than 100 different countries around the world. On its home turf, the agency, which was founded in 1949 and has its head offices in Hamburg, supplies virtually all newspapers, TV and radio stations with news.

Protestant Press Service

This is the oldest of the existing German news agencies. Operated by the Protestant Church, the Protestant Press Service (Evangelischer Pressedienst, epd) delivers texts and photos updated daily on the fields of church and religion, culture, the media and education, society, social issues, the Third World and world development. In addition, five specialist services produce specialized background reports and trade magazines, e.g. “epd Film”.

KNA – Catholic News Agency

The news world of the church: the Catholic News Agency (KNA - Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur) with its main offices in Bonn has been in operation as a church-oriented specialist news agency since 1952. Its network consists of six state and regional offices, of correspondent offices in Rome, Brussels and Jerusalem, and of freelance employees and partner agencies. More than half of the German daily newspapers and all the state-owned broadcasting companies get texts, images and radio reports from the agency.


“Reuters” is the brand name for serious, up to the minute reporting; the news agency is the world’s leading provider of financial information, news and TV services. Founded in London in 1851, the agency now employs more than 2,500 editors in 150 countries, producing 30,000 news releases in 26 languages.

sid – Sports Information Service

And now for news from the sports: Since its formation in 1945, the Sports Information Service (sid - Sport-Informations-Dienst) has developed into an internationally acclaimed specialist news agency. The main office in Cologne, editorial offices in five major German cities and some 1,000 correspondents guarantee daily comprehensive reporting on all the national and international sports events.