Arts and Architecture

Current information and background on art and architecture – painting, film, music, literature, theater, museums, Goethe Institute and World Heritage Sites.


“Also a war against culture”

Established in Germany, the Network for the Protection of Cultural Property in Ukraine is engaged in efforts to preserve the country’s cultural heritage, which is threatened by the war.

Fragile beauty

How a German-Cambodian team is preserving the Angkor World Heritage site with the support of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office.

Art in exile

The Goethe-Institut is supporting artists from countries where it is no longer able to work. Ukrainian art is the first step.
Topic of the week: Building for tomorrow

“Earth is the winner”

Award-winning German architect Anna Heringer builds with natural materials all over the world. In her work she has one clear preference.

Documenta and the scandal

A case of antisemitism is overshadowing the world art show in Kassel. It is being addressed and this will again enable people to focus on what is most important: a new understanding of art.
Art in Germany

Places to study art

Many art colleges in Germany offer excellent training programmes and are often associated with famous artists. We present an overview.

Art in the public domain

You don’t have to visit a museum to discover art – it can be found at all kinds of places. We present a small tour of Germany with ten stops.