Humanitarian Assistance

Annalena Baerbock
How the German Foreign Office together with its partners contributes to Germany’s humanitarian aid effort.

Flying helpers

Drones can save lives: When it comes to disaster relief or supplying vital medicines to remote areas.
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Against hunger and oppression

Germany continues to support civil society in Afghanistan – with the focus on the country’s women.
Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in Niger
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“Epitome of humanity”

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Digitalization helps farmers.
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Forward-looking projects and emergency aid

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Arab world

THW comes to Lebanon’s aid

In the wake of the disastrous explosion in Beirut, Germany’s Federal Agency for Technical Relief is providing support in the form of experts and equipment.
Quick facts
million people

throughout the world are dependent on humanitarian aid.

million people

are fleeing throughout the world.

billion euros

were provided by Germany in 2019 for humanitarian aid, making the country the second largest bilateral donor.

billion euros

have been scheduled in the 2020 federal German budget for humanitarian aid and crisis prevention.

million US dollars

were made available by Germany to the UNHCR in 2019, making the country the third largest donor following the USA and the EU





50 Jahre Deutsche Humanitäre Hilfe

50 years german humanitarian assistance