Climate Protection

What Germany is doing to limit global warming.

“Now more than ever!”

Sabine Nallinger, Managing Director of Stiftung 2° – German Businesses for Climate Protection, discusses the business model of the future.
Versatile renewable raw material: harvesting maize.
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The Year of the Bioeconomy

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“Leapfrogging” in Africa?

Can Africa develop on the basis of renewable energies? The German-African Energy Forum has taken up this question. Peggy Schulz of the Africa Association knows more about the matter.

Crucial ecosystems

How important are our oceans and what we do to protect them? An interview with Monika Breuch-Moritz, Germany’s Maritime Ambassador.

Water for the crane

Paintings, photographs and films: art against climate change? These Hamburg-based art projects raise awareness about water as a resource.
Essen in the Ruhr area: the former Zollverein colliery.
Raising questions

Getting out of coal together

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The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
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The climate think tank

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The carbon controversy

The Fridays for Future movement is calling for a radical carbon tax, yet a prominent scientist does not believe this is the way forward. Who is right?

Stop the smog!

Especially in winter, India suffers from smog. Germany is cooperating in providing low-emission mobility solutions.
Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture
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“The situation is dramatic”

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Girl fetching water near Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso
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Climate and Security

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Ein Mädchen transportiert Brennholz
Climate Change Conference

Climate protection: strengthening others

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Buying electricity directly from the neighbour - blockchain makes it possible.
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Will we soon be buying electricity directly from a neighbour’s roof?

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Fuel out of air

A good idea from Germany: a young company in Karlsruhe converts CO2 into clean fuel. Here is how this technology of the future works.

Environmental institutions in Germany

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