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Entdecke DE: Deutschland bietet eine Vielzahl an Ausflugsmöglichkeiten
Exciting cities and a variety of countryside as different as the North Sea coast and the Alps never cease to fascinate its many visitors.

Travelling, working, living

The Working Holiday Programme enables young Israelis and Germans to explore the respective other country while working part-time. Here you will find all the necessary information.

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Castles and Palaces Quiz

Schloss Hohenzollern
Question 1/5
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    Schloss Neu Schwanstein
    Name Ludwig II’s fairy-tale castle.
    Question 2/5
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      Heidelberger Schloss
      Name the famous castle ruins in the picture.
      Question 3/5
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        Schloss Moritzburg
        Name the castle near Dresden.
        Question 4/5
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          Schloss Sansouci
          Where did Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, spend carefree days?
          Question 5/5
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            Schloss Herrenchiemsee
            Which palace was built along the lines of Versailles?





            Castle Country

            Castles – the stuff of legend. Knights, epic battles and wild revelry. Even if life down the centuries wasn’t always that exciting, the ancient walls bring history alive. And the history of Burg Eltz, or Eltz castle on the river Mosel, has been very well preserved.


            Unique world heritage

            Magnificent castles, rusty industrial relics, romantic historic town centres and natural beauty worthy of protection – a journey around Germany’s world heritage sites.

            Entdecke DE: The Maars

            The “Entdecke DE” series takes you on a tour through Germany, this time to the unique natural landscape of the Volcanic Eifel.

            River cycling tours

            The Entdecke DE series takes you on a tour through Germany. This time we travel along special riverside cycle paths.

            Entdecke DE: German Clock Road

            The Entdecke .de series takes you on a tour through Germany. This time we visit the German Clock Road in the Black Forest, which is famous for cuckoo clocks.

            Entdecke DE: Industrial Culture

            The Entdecke DE series takes you on a tour through Germany. This time we are discovering new life in old industrial sites and how unique cultural landscapes emerge from relics of the industrial age.