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Discovering Germany ­on the web

Would you prefer a tour of the Bode Museum in Berlin or a hike in the Bavarian Forest? Find out here how to do it virtually.

Kim Berg and Christina Iglhaut, 11.03.2023
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Germany for nature lovers

Can there be any better way to relax than taking a long walk in the forest? Germans have always been known to enjoy a good hike, but since the corona crisis began they have been attracted to their nearest forests even more often. And Germany certainly has plenty of forests: 33% of the country is covered in woodland. Taking a digital tour of the Bavarian Forest or a vir­tual 360-degree drone flight now allows nature lovers to ­discover what makes German forests special from the comfort of their homes.

Visit the German forest with a 360-degree drone operated by the Wildnis Deutschland ­initiative

Stroll through the Bavarian ­Forest with German biologists


Germany for poets

Gedicht auf Handydisplay
© Laura Chouette/unsplash

Sometimes poetry is thera­peutic. It can connect people, ­capture the world in words and provide solace in times of crisis. What better way could there
be at this time to discover ­Germany, the land of poets
and philosophers, online?

@poetryforlocals by the actor Daniel Brühl. This poetry reading initiative ­encourages people to post or read aloud their favourite poem under the @poetryforlocals Instagram ­account and the #poetryforlocals hashtag. At the same time, they can ask people to support a favourite shop, café or restaurant in their local area – or simply send their greetings.

Discover poems with the Poetry Ambulance of the Thalia ­Theatre in Hamburg


Germany for music fans

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Whether classical, pop or dancehall, most things go better with music – also and above all in times of crisis. But many artists are moving their performances onto the web because concerts cannot take place. Live video streams from Berlin clubs, venerable opera houses and modern concert halls and festivals and indie talents on Instagram allow you to immerse yourself in the German music scene from the comfort of your sofa while ­simultaneously supporting ­artists and performers.

Stream arts and music videos from the Dringeblieben website

Experience international operas online on the European Operavision platform


Germany for globetrotters

© picture alliance/dpa

Vacations have been cancelled and journeys postponed: the ­corona crisis has upset many globetrotters’ travel plans. But they don’t have to completely forego their voyages of ­discovery. Faraway places are sometimes closer than we think – often just a few mouse clicks away. How about a 360-degree tour around Germany, for ­example? Or a drone flight over Cologne Cathedral? Thanks to virtual offerings, would-be ­travellers can now discover ­Germany very easily from their own homes.

Experience 360-degree ­panoramas from Germany

Discover Germany with the DW-Daily Drone


Germany for culture lovers

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If you love art you can now ­undertake private guided tours of Germany’s most famous ­museums – at least online. You can even feel very close to the works of art during an ­undisturbed stroll around the halls of historic galleries like the Bode Museum in Berlin or the Städel Museum in Frankfurt. Podcasts and e-learning services are also waiting for digital ­visitors.

Take a virtual tour of the Bode-Museum

Discover the many digital offerings at the Städel Museum
Listen to the Finding Van Gogh podcast