Roboterhand, Menschenhand
German business is squaring up to a fourth industrial revolution. The Federal Government is driving digital change.

German-made technology

Germany’s entrepreneurs are really making things happen and are attracting considerable international attention. Three examples that you might not have suspected were from Germany.

Agriculture 4.0

Today’s farmers need IT expertise. It makes things easier and better. Stefan Wagner is showing the way.

Smart Jobs

A doctor without a surgery, a secretary without an office – workplace digitalization is creating new professions. Here are three examples.


The giga challenge

60,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable for superfast broadband: how Germany is driving forward digitisation and the expansion of its network.

Digital upturn

Smartphones contribute to an economic boom: digitalisation is creating growth and new jobs. The latest figures.

Digitally educated

Tablet and internet instead of blackboard and chalk: three good examples of how young people are learning to handle digital media confidently.

re:publica in Berlin

Under the motto “Love out Loud” the re:publica digital convention is promoting basic rights on the web and speaking out against fake news and hateful comments and posts. Here are some impressions from the first day.

Corrective to fake news

The research network Correctiv is starting a journalist’s school for everyone on the Internet – and is combatting fake news in the social media.