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Collecting data for a better world

Paula Schwarz wants to revolutionize the world economic system. Here she explains how.

Kim Berg, 19.10.2018
Paula Schwarz
Paula Schwarz ©

Paula Schwarz has already spoken at the World Economic Forum, she has sat on the CDU’s economic council and developed mobile clinics for crisis areas. Now, the 28-year-old woman wants to bring about an economic change based on social engagement for public welfare, with the help of the World Datanomic Forum.

Ms Schwarz, what is the World Datanomic Forum?
We are considering how we can use data to solve social problems. The objective is to share knowledge with other countries via specific systems – for example, how the German tax or educational system can be transferred to other countries. We use a datathon to collect facts on certain topics. Then we analyse the results and think about what we can improve and how to go about it.

What does the term datanomics mean?
Datanomics is the economy of the next generation. We are using data to promote cooperation and to solve problems for the benefit of public welfare.

What do you hope to achieve with the World Datanomic Forum?
I want to promote justice. Data and facts are the crucial keys to analysing, criticizing, comparing and improving existing systems in the long run.

Who are your clients?
The EU and Estonia have just put out feelers for setting up a datathon. We’re currently establishing a Datanomic Zone as a forum contact point in Greece. In the long-term I’m particularly interested in projects in Africa where we are working on a counter corruption campaign in Rwanda together with the GIZ.