Migration and integration

Current information and background reports on integration and on Germany's activities in the field of refugee and migration policy.

Learning democracy

The programme “Dialog macht Schule" (Dialogue Catches On) teaches children how to resolve conflicts and help shape society.

Researching in safety

Lawyer Anan Al Sheikh Haidar fled from Syria and now teaches at the University of Cologne – as a fellowship holder of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative.

Who I am

Ramy al-Asheq was born a Palestinian refugee and lived in Syria and Jordan. He arrived in Germany in 2014. Here, the author and journalist writes about that new beginning in life.

From conflict to classroom

They were experienced teachers in Syria or other crisis countries, but then they had to flee. They would like to teach again in Germany. But that isn’t easy.

Lots of new neighbours

Altena has taken far more refugees than it was assigned, and has integrated them in exemplary fashion – even winning an award from the German chancellor in the process.

Overcoming barriers

Why do our countries approach migration so differently? School students from Poland, France and Germany find answers.

Welcome to Berlin

International visitors found out on a tour of the Moabit district how a school and volunteers are busy promoting integration.

Principle of solidarity

Germany and the Czech Republic are continuing discussions on the subject of refugees. During the Dialogue on Migration in Prague they agreed on a joint commitment in Jordan.

“Not so very far apart”

Germany and the Czech Republic often held different views during the refugee crisis. They intend to continue discussion with a strategic dialogue on migration. An interview with Vladimír Špidla, Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

Philosophy and migration

How do philosophers respond to current migration issues? A brief interview with Julian Nida-Rümelin, professor of philosophy and former Federal Government commissioner.

Who am I?

Out of Place is a German-Israeli project that brings together filmmakers from the two countries and asks questions about identity and integration.

The new 

On being and becoming German – how the challenge presented by an influx of refugees can become a win-win constellation.

Rights and obligations

Germany now has its first Integration Act. The law facilitates the integration of refugees into society, but also defines their obligations.

“Bringing a small piece of Damascus to Berlin”

The Damascus Goethe-Institut is opening temporarily in the German capital – as a forum for artists from Syria and Germany. Three of the Syrian participants of the project “Goethe-Institut Damascus | In Exile” spoke to deutschland.de.