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Dual training, qualifications and employers: current information and background on career and work

Germany’s most popular jobs

There are excellent opportunities for well-trained, qualified professionals in the German labour market. The most sought-after jobs and valuable tips for foreign applicants.

How young Germans want to work

A successful career isn’t everything. Young employees want flexible working hours, flat hierarchies and a positive work-life balance – but also security.

How Germany works

Working at the office from 9 to 5? That’s a thing of the past. Here you can discover different work models that exist in Germany alongside traditional full-time employment.

The same money for all?

Is a universal basic income the answer to the transformation of work resulting from the transition to Industry 4.0? Arguments for and against.

Jobs in Germany: Teaching at an International School

What would it be like to teach children from over forty different countries in one school? For 34-year-old Canadian teacher, Jennifer Roberge-Renaud, this is the biggest joy and the biggest challenge of teaching at an international school in Germany.

Applying for Vocational Training in Germany

If you are looking to complete your vocational training in Germany you need to know which qualifications you need, whether your certificates will be recognized and how to go about it and how to make a successful application in Germany.

Applying for a Work Visa in Germany

Germany's facing a shortage of skilled workers in fields like medicine and engineering. So it's a good time for international applicants who are interested in working abroad to land a job in Germany. But getting the job offer is just the first step. Non-citizens also need a visa.