CGEN Changemakers, Indonesia

C-gen encourages young Indonesians to keep working with the times without excluding characters and contribute to creating Smart Generation for Indonesia.

CGEN Indonesia Changemakers
CGEN Indonesia Changemakers

Project name: CGEN Indonesia Changemakers

Project location: Bandung (West Java), Bekasi (West Java), Semarang (Central Java) and Yogyakarta.



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Project description:

The future is determined by the strength of the young. It should be our common duty to prepare Indonesian youth for the sake of better nation and state. For that C-GEN is formed. As a youth-based social movement concerned with youth development in the reform era, C-GEN focuses on improving the quality of young people and changing the catamaran. By carrying the tagline "Gaul Gak Must Amburadul" C-gen encourages young Indonesians to keep working with the times without excluding characters and contribute to creating Smart Generation for Indonesia.

The Indonesian nation is one of a big nation in the world in population, one of the greatness owned by this nation is the Youth. This is evidenced by the composition of young people in Indonesia who reach more than half of the population. This fact is a challenge and a great hope for Indonesia to be better. There are millions of young people who have to be prepared for the future in order to become a young man who is beneficial to the nation amidst many unrests among the nation.

The need for this change is the first step to finding solutions for a good solution to improving human civilization against the already fading, noble values. Together with energetic, energetic and high-spirited youths, C-gen Indonesia has a big dream to realize Indonesia's Cerdas and Gegas (Cergas) with 4C principles: Connected in the middle of a sophisticated, Creative era Find the best solutions to solve the problem, Character (positive character) to build a better society in thinking, acting, and acting, and Collaborative (collaboration) with each other to strengthen the step to achieve goals (gotong-royong).

Goal and purpose of the project:

The year 2017 is the year in which CGeneration is synergistic with more and more parties to make the community grow and develop towards the ideals to be achieved. Various creative works will be created with the active participation of gifted young people. 4C Towards a Better Youth Connected - Creative - Character - Collaborative.

Vision: Being a community that prepares a superior generation of Indonesian character and creative in order to build a superior society also through the utilization of information and communication technology.

Missions: [1] Provide character training and creativity to young people. [2] Provide a place for young people to creativity through the use of technology. [3] Synergize with various parties both government, private, community and the general public to create various positive activities.

Motivation of the applicant / applicant team:

In 2020, the World Economic Forum released a prediction that Creativity will be ranked third in rank 10 in 'Future of Job Reports'. This indication concludes that it is important to build a creative and innovative spirit in the psyche of young people, especially in Indonesia. Moreover, a demographic bonus in Indonesia, which will start in 2020, will open a new perspective on the importance of the role of Indonesian youth in national and global development. Moreover, the entry of Indonesia in the G20 increasingly nailed the rigors of competition in the workforce. This is where CGEN plays a role in bringing in incubators and catalysts to bring young changemakers who will deliver Indonesia's future development, or in other hands has foster the inclusion of young people in global development.

Use of prize money:

If the CGEN selected in YouForG20 is remarkable. Where the prizes will be fully channeled in some of the programs we have designed in milestones. I believe, selected or not in this forum, CGEN will continue to run. This is evident in the ToT last month (see photos), we are working with LINE Indonesia and the Ministry of Communication and Information as two of several sponsorships. This is an indication that the potential support of many has pushed us forward since 2013. If in this forum we win, 75% usage of funds will be supervised for operational activities in the Year 2018, while the rest will be endowment in the next period, so that milestone can be achieved and sustainability remains in the corridor.

As details will allocate the prize into:
1. Program Management
• Infrastructure in Headquarter,
• Program budgeting in every month,
• Headquarters to personalize the operations of the program.

2. Replicating in Social Enterprise Management
The prize will be using to replication (intellectual property) in social enterprise management system in each chapter to strengthen the connectivity.

3. Integrating Infrastructures budget with chapter in each city in Indonesia
• Integrate information system

4. Endowment Budgeting,
• a lot of money will be allocating to next year programs.