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How to find a job in Germany

The essential questions about finding a job in Germany.

Die wichtigsten Fragen zum Arbeiten in Deutschland
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How do I find a job?

“Make it in Germany” is a job site where you can find vacancies that the employer has specifically confirmed are open to applications from skilled workers from abroad. The Federal Employment Agency has an office dedicated to supporting international and skilled workers: the Zentrаle Auslаnds- und Fаchvermittlung (ZAV). The office provides help with finding work. You can find various contact options at:

Under what conditions can I work in Germany?

Skilled workers who want to live and work in Germany for the long term require a working visa. In future, the new Skilled Immigration Act, which was passed in 2023, allows people to come to Germany on an “Opportunity Card”, even if they have not yet received a firm job offer. A points-based system which takes into account qualifications and experience (amongst other things) makes it possible for applicants to demonstrate their potential. Skilled workers with university degrees can apply for EU Blue Cards. These residence permits make it easier to bring your family into the EU, for example, and reduce the period before you are eligible for permanent residence. 

Do I need a visa to travel to Germany?

Most people from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland need a visa to travel to Germany. You will need to apply for a visa before travelling. You must do this in person at the German embassy or consulate in your home country responsible for visa applications. 

Do I need to get my qualifications officially recognised?

The new Skilled Immigration Act provides conditions where people with career experience can move to Germany even if they hold a vocational qualification which has not been officially recognised in Germany. They are allowed to work in “non-regulated professions” such as management, IT and the food industry. However, if you want to work in a regulated profession such as those in the healthcare sector, you absolutely must get your qualifications recognised. Skilled workers can use the Recognition Finder to check if they need to go through the professional recognition process.

Where can I find advice and ­support in my home country?

Points of contact are shown on the world map on Make it in Germany. The Goethe-Institute also programmes in some countries to help you prepare for integrating into German life:

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