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Carers from 

Germany is training Vietnamese in care for the elderly.

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The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) launched a pilot-project in the autumn of 2013 for training young Vietnamese in how to care for the elderly in Germany. The incentive was triggered by the acute shortage of professional carers. Around one hundred prospective carers will attend a training course in German care homes. In preparation for their stay in Germany the trainees will undergo an intensive six-month language course before leaving Vietnam. Following their arrival an integration programme will facilitate their entry into their new working and living environment. The carers have long-term professional prospects in Germany. The project also enjoys the support of the Vietnamese government because with the skills they will have acquired the professional carers could well help establish the sector in their home country, should they return. The project will be monitored by experts and is intended to serve as a model for recruiting further 
foreign skilled employees.