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The Stock Market in Germany

This is where to go to find out more about Germany’s stock markets and the financial markets around the world.

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German Stock Exchange

Commercial merchants in Germany got together for the first time in 1585 to agree on standardized rates of exchange. Today, this event is considered as the birth of the most important stock exchange in Germany - the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Thanks to the Xetra trading platform, it has become one of the largest completely electronic cash market exchanges in the world.

European Energy Exchange

Europe‘s largest exchange for electricity, gas, coal and pollution rights: The European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) in Leipzig is an electronic marketplace for utility companies and energy suppliers from 20 different countries. The spot market trades electricity and all the rest for our energy supplies of tomorrow. Market operators can make deals up to six years in advance on the futures markets.

United Business Services

First-hand financial information: United Business Services (Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste, vwd) supply financial service providers, companies, the media, websites, and also private investors. The spectrum of this market leader in funds news ranges from reporting, stock-market prices and OTC data to analyses.