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They inform you about scholarships, foreign study and guest studies in Germany as well as educational policy and structures.

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Scientific Medical Specialist Organizations Project Group

German medical associations from A to Z: More than 168 medical organizations belong to the Scientific Medical Specialist Organizations Project Group (AWMF – Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften). The AWMF has coordinated the development of standards, guidelines, and recommendations since 1995.

German National Library of Medicine

More than 1.6 million books and periodicals: if you are looking for scientific literature and other media on human medicine, the health care system and its basic sciences or on scientific anthropology, go directly to the German National Library of Medicine (ZBMed) in Cologne, the largest medical library in Europe.

German Medical Forum

From doctor and hospital directories to current reports about medicine and health right on up to literature research in specialist databases: the expert team at the German Medical Forum (Deutsches Medizin Forum) helps patients, doctors or medical students to find the information they need quickly.

German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information

Ask your doctor, your pharmacist or the DIMDI databases: one of the things the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI), an agency operated by the Federal Ministry of Health, is responsible for is making information available from the entire field of medicine.

DocCheck Campus

Is being a doctor the job of your dreams? From finding a place in med school to information on the preliminary medical exams right on up to your doctorate, the DocCheck Campus portal provides all kinds of information on the study of medicine. Med students in their freshman year as well as fully qualified medical professionals will find lots of tips and can read up on current news from the field of medicine. Networkers can join discussions on a variety of different topics in the forums on the virtual campus.

Lab Encyclopedia

Do you know what “hypercholesterolemia“ means or what blood values can indicate agranulocytosis? Medical lab reports are often close to impossible for laymen to decipher. decodes the cryptic jargon for you and provides information on why your readings may deviate from the norm.