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Study, bachelor and master degree programs, excellence initiative: current information and background on university and research.

Master of the machines

Bernhard Schölkopf teaches robots how to learn. An expert in artificial intelligence, he impresses businesspeople and scientists alike.

Smart technology

Driverless cars and smart clothing: how the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is helping shape the future.

Research in the once eternal ice

Extraordinary training: The German-Canadian research and training experience programme “ArcTrain” enables interdisciplinary research into climate change and the future of the Arctic.

Happy Birthday! Erasmus Turns 30

For many people it’s the most successful EU project of all time. Thanks to Erasmus, the exchange programme for students, and now also, pupils and teachers, four and a half million people have broadened their horizons. So many happy returns for your thirtieth!

Which way to Hollywood?

Movies made in Germany: German film schools have already produced many talents and international award-winning films. Starting for success in the film sector.