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Automobile Travel in Germany

You‘ll find public transportation schedules and traffic tips under this heading, as well as ferry times and the arrival and departure schedules of the airports.

Sistema del auto compartido
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A rental car can be a major travel expense. The data base of lists the best offers of various rental firms, so that you don‘t have to pay too high a price for your mobility. The best part of it is that the search results include not only prices, but a complete overview of all the services and insurance offered.

Association of German Car Rental Firms

Do you know that the lifespan of a German rental car is usually less than a year? That‘s why car rental firms buy close to 400,000 automobiles annually.

Rest Stops

Germany is crisscrossed by approx. 13,000 kilometers of highway. This dense network is punctuated by more than 700 service stations which look after the needs of travelers and their vehicles.