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Soccer in Germany

These portals will keep you right up to date.

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German Football League

Home victory or a defeat away? Is your team going down in the ranking or are they the new champions? Don’t miss a single goal in the battle of the 18 German Football League teams to win the champions’ cup! The official portal of the German Football League reports on the current season – as well as on the games in the Champions’ League and the UEFA cup. Anyone interested in international games will find the rankings of the Italian, French and English leagues.

German Football Association

The German Football Association (Deutscher Fussball-Bund, DFB), the mother ship of German football, was founded in the year 1900 in Lepzig. The biggest sports association in the world brings together more than 7 million football fans.

fussballD21 - The Special Portal for Youth Football

"Football in Germany in the 21st century", aka "fD21" for short, is a project designed to promote young talent and is sponsored by the Youth Football Foundation. Trainers, world and European champions as well as current national players pass along their expertise and reveal some of their own personal tricks.

Association of Football Players under Contract

Become a professional soccer player – is that a career you’d love? If you take a look at the website operated by the Association of Soccer Players under Contract (VDV – Vereinigung der Vertragsfußballspieler e.V.), in other words, the players’ trade union, you’ll find out a lot more about the day-to-day working life of the players. Pay cuts, getting cut from the team and contract penalties are all part of the business.