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Sports for the handicapped in Germany

From rehabilitation to amateur and professional sports – here you'll find interesting links on sports offerings for the handicapped.

Sport im Rollstuhl
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German National Paralympics Committee

The German Paralympic Committee (DBS) provides information on the wide range of sports available to people with handicaps. The DBS represents the interests of disabled athletes in the German Olympic Sports Association and the International Paralympic Committee.

German Blind and Low-Visioned Chess Association

Mate in eight moves – chess: the queen of games. The German Blind and Low-Visioned Chess Association (Deutscher Blinden- und Sehbehinderten-Schachbund, DBSB) has the status of a regional association within the German Chess Association (Deutscher Schachbund).

German Sports Association for the Hearing-Impaired

Athletes with body and soul: the German Sports Association for the Hearing-Impaired (Deutscher Gehörlosen-Sportverband e.V., DGS) has spent decades getting society to lend an ear to the special issues of sports without acoustic perception.

German Wheelchair Sports Association

From the hospital bed to the sports club: the German Wheelchair Sports Association, (Deutscher Rollstuhl-Sportverband e.V., DRS) lives up to this optimistic motto – even with a wheelchair, life can be active and full of movement.

German Wheelchair Basketball Association

The wheelchair basketball section of the German Wheelchair Sports Association (Deutscher Rollstuhlsportverband, DRS) informs you about the triumphs of many active people in wheelchairs under the baskets.