Video: A Cake for Mr. Tastytreat

Gourmet Mr. Tastytreat likes “superfood”. “A load of nonsense”, claims Mrs. Lisl.


Director: Dolunay Gördüm
Executive producer: Gizem Acarla
Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Mrs. Lisl has always baked the traditional way. Yet her baked goods have little chance of convincing Mr. Tastytreat, the leading gourmet. He has his eye on the new “superfood”. “A load of nonsense,” claims Mrs. Lisl. Her apprentice’s chia seed allergy is just the evidence she needs.

A view to the Legacy study: According to the Legacy study, nutrition, sport and health are becoming ever more important. A satirical comedy, “Ein Kuchen für Herrn Leckerschmaus” pokes fun at this.

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