#Quickfacts: German forest

Internationally, more and more emphasis is being placed on #forests as a #CO2 storage pool. But the #forest is way more than that: it's an important habitat for species of all kinds, a #landscape of the soul and supplier of raw materials. Find out more about the forest in #Germany:

Remembrance of the Wall in times of Instagram

Smartphones, selfisticks, cameras: the #EastSideGallery on the #Spree is a tourist magnet. Almost 30 years ago, artists painted the east side of the wall and transformed it into a gallery. What do the visitors who only take selfies know about its history?

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Happy Birthday, Alexander von #Humboldt! The popular scientist who was born on this day 250 years ago in #Berlin is regarded as the founder of modern #naturalscience in many ways.