Germany Works

Where in the world is the best place to do #business? The answer you often get is #Germany. Because Germany works.

#Quickfacts: Religion in Germany

84 percent of the world’s population belong to a #religion – a percentage that is rising all the time. The opposite trend can be observed in #Germany, however, where fewer and fewer people feel tied to a religion.

Working as orthopaedic technician in Germany

#Orthopaedictechnician is one of over 130 skilled #craft trades in #Germany. The #dualtraining takes place in a business, the theoretical part at a vocational school. The #prosthesis technician Tolga Kaya explains what makes his #job so special.

20 July Plot

Claus Graf von Stauffenberg’s attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944 is regarded as the most important attempt to bring down the “Third Reich”.