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Several thousand people demonstrate against right-wing extremism

The day before the European elections, thousands of people took to the streets to send out a signal against right-wing extremism.


Berlin (dpa) – One day before the European elections, several thousand people demonstrated against right-wing extremism in Germany. According to police reports, around 15,000 people took to the streets in Berlin alone. The organisers estimated the number at around 30,000. According to a police spokesman, the demonstrations on Saturday afternoon were peaceful. The signs held up included anti-populist, pro-diversity slogans such as Herz statt Hetze, Menschenrechte statt rechte Menschen and Vielfalt ohne Alternative.

Under the motto “Stop right-wing extremism. Defend democracy”, demonstrations were initiated by a broad alliance of civil society organisations in several German cities, including Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Dresden. On Friday, some 30,000 people gathered in Hamburg to demonstrate against right-wing extremism.