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Renewable energies in Germany

Regenerative sources of energy provide us with a virtually inexhaustible supply. These portals explain how energy can be won from water, wind, the sun and other renewable sources.

Erneuerbare Energie überholt Kohle
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BINE Information Service

From research to actual practice: how can energy from such “inexhaustible“ sources as the sun or wind, for example, be optimally exploited? The BINE Information Service focuses on the latest, tried-and-trusted methods for using renewable energies. BINE is operated by the Specialist Information Center (FIZ) in Karlsruhe.

German Association of Renewable Energies

The German Association of Renewable Energies (BEE - Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energien) has been challenging the country to stop using coal, oil and nuclear power as sources of energy since 1991, recommending instead the conversion to “renewable“ energy sources. The umbrella association is involved in organizing such activities as political advisory services and writes statements on planned legislation.

German Wind Energy Association

Wind as a source of energy: when wind turbines rotate, they transform motion into electricity. The German Wind Energy Association (BWE) works to expand the number of environmentally friendly wind parks currently in operation. As the world‘s largest association in the field of renewable energies, this association forms the central contact and bundles the know-how in this industry.

German Energy Agency

Using energy efficiently and producing it with environmentally sound technologies – that’s what Germany’s road into the future looks like. The German Energy Agency (dena) works together with politicians and representatives of industry to develop models for the energy supplies of tomorrow. Its shareholders are the Federal Republic of Germany, the KfW Bank Group, Allianz SE, the German Bank AG and DZ BANK AG.

Understanding Energy

How is the price of electricity calculated? What do you need to consider before buying electronic equipment? is a website that provides a wealth of information to consumers on everything about electricity. The portal operated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology collects tips on how to save energy as well as background information on the industry and presents the energy policies of the federal government.

Renewable Energies

Nature is the powerhouse of the future. By 2035, the German federal government aims to have “the renewables” like sun, water or wind deliver approximately half of all the electricity required in Germany. The Federal Ministry for the Environment has created this portal to provide information on the alternatives to nuclear energy, coal and other fossil fuels.

EUROSOLAR – European Association for Renewable Energy

EUROSOLAR e.V. – European Association for Renewable Energy campaigns for and promotes the use of the inexhaustible energy sources provided by Mother Earth. The association demands the discontinuation of the use of nuclear energy and fossil fuels. It has been conducting conferences and developing market-launch strategies and tax incentive models since 1988.

Information Campaign on Renewable Energies

Wind energy, solar power, geothermal energy and other renewables protect our climate - and also constitute an important future market. The “Information Campaign for Renewable Energies“ informs citizens, businesses and politicians about the advantages of regenerative energy sources. The campaign was launched by an alliance of companies and associations with the support of two German ministries.

Renewable Resources

Heat from straw, sheep’s wool as insulation, biodiesel made from canola oil: “Renewable resources” are agricultural and forestry products that are used or processed industrially to generate energy. The Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR) supervises research projects and publishes information for industry, agriculture and administration. A market introduction program encourages the use of natural products.

Eco-Portal - The Web Directory for the Eco Industry

Environmentally aware consumers get their information on ecological products and services on the Eco-Portal – the web directory for the eco industry. This virtual market has everything a green heart could desire: whether you’re looking for a natural food party service, healthy furniture or honey massages. Suppliers can post their information in the directory free of charge.

German Solar Industry Federation

The sun, the powerhouse of our solar system, provides our Earth with light and warmth day after day. The German Solar Industry Federation (BSW) tries to harness this power to transform its warming rays into useful energy. Representing the interests of the German solar industry, the BSW acts as a mediator between industry, politics and consumers. It is the solar industry federation with the most members in all of Europe.

Week of the Sun

Lots of sun in May, everywhere in Germany, when exhibitions, festivals, open-house events and lectures will “illuminate“ the topics of solar warmth and solar energy. The Week of the Sun is organized by the German Solar Industry Association and is under the patronage of the German Minister for the Environment. It takes place within the scope of the European Solar Days each year.