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An imposing mountain landscape

Majestic peaks, picturesque valleys – and a habitat for thousands of animal and plant species. We introduce you to the diversity of the German Alps.  

Clara KrugClara Krug , 10.01.2024
    A popular travel destination: the German Alps
A popular travel destination: the German Alps © picture alliance / imageBROKER

Around one million people visit the Alps in the south of Germany every year. The mountain range stretches across several European countries. It is a region that is very popular with tourists from all over the world due to the wide range of leisure activities that can be pursued there, such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing and rafting.  

The Alps are one of the largest contiguous natural areas in Europe, providing a habitat for 40,000 plant and animal species. The water from the Alpine springs and glaciers feeds numerous streams and rivers, which is why the Alps are highly important in terms of Europe’s supply of water. But climate change is putting the biodiversity of the animal and plant world at risk. Germany has been committed to climate action and environmental protection in the region for many decades, also in connection with the Alpine Convention together with the European Union, Switzerland, France, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Italy, Austria and Slovenia. 

Discover some of the most attractive destinations in the German Alps: