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Choose your language by clicking on the globe in the navigation bar. deutschland.de appears in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.


By clicking the menu icon you get an overview of ten country regions and the six sections Politics, Life, Business, Knowledge, Culture and the Environment, which are then divided into sub-sections. On the region pages you will find reports on topics and people that connect Germany and its partners in the world.


Use the search box to find all the articles on a specific topic.

Landing page

One click on our “How Germany Ticks” logo always takes you back to Home, where the editorial desk provides new content each day. There you can find exciting topics on Germany, watch interesting video clips, test your knowledge in our Quiz and take part in online voting to give your opinion on current issues. What the website offers:

  • Current articles on the major political and social topics that Germany is talking about – such as the Energy Reform, migration and integration, and European cohesion.
  • Quick Facts – information at your fingertips.
  • Voting on current issues.
  • A Quiz format where you can test your knowledge about Germany.
  • News from the worlds of politics, business, sports and culture.
  • The stories behind the topics in the News: interesting people whose ideas and skills are changing things, exciting topics and new initiatives from Germany.
  • Multimedia stories that give you a close-up on people and their stories.
  • A regional view on topics and people that connect Germany and its partners in the world – in contributions for five world regions.
  • Insights into everyday life in Germany in our “How Germany Ticks” series.
  • Series on great sights, inventions and creative minds.
  • Theme specials reflecting the many facets of key events.


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